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Well, I suppose the weekends just about over. Last night my friend Chris and I went out to a venue to see a couple of shows. Anthem Red, Ghosts of Modern Mars and Sylvie were playing, and even though Sylvie was really the headliner I enjoyed Anthem Red the most. They had a great sound and energy that reminded me of early The Get up Kids, if GUK had 2 female vocalists.

So I'm still pretty sad about the whole The Juliana Theory breaking up thing. There's so much sentimental value for me in the music they've produced, and it's unfortunate that they won't be producting anything else. At least they went out with a bang in my opinion. Deadbeat Sweetheartbeet was fantastic.

I picked up a new gba game on Wednesday called Drill Dozer. It feels like I'm the only person playing it, which is really a shame as the game is super fun, and very oldschool. I get the feeling of playing Little Nemo and the Dream Master, or Smartball for the first time while playing it. Even the music has a bit of Nemo to it, while the gameplay feels a bit like a more involved Klonoa. Definitely worth picking up if you need a good 2D platformer, and haven't played Cave Story to death yet.

So I'm coming home for a bit in March, and Merina will be coming with me. Not the greatest time of year to show off the wonderous province of P.E.I. for the first time, but it'll have to do until August. Hopefully we'll get either some nice wintery weather, or some nice warmish weather. Typical spring would be no good, but either way I still get to eat donairs.

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It's the weekend again! I have no plans! It was -45 C degrees out today! (That's -49 F to you Americans) Regardless I actually had a good day today, because I made it on time, got to go out for lunch, got back super late and got told I was doing a very good job. These are good days, but they also make me especially tired. Looks like it'll be an early night... but with Chris stopping by soon, who knows what'll happen.

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So the weekend has ended already. And on the bright side means that there is 2 less days until I get to be home for a while. Is everyone excited!!?! :\

I finally got around to renting Chibi-Robo, and despite some mediocre reviews, it plays to me like a perfect little game. I'm sure everyone reading this would already know the premise, but if you're still not sure if you'll like it, I highly suggest at least renting it. Really easy to pick up and start playing, and horrendously cute. I think even if you don't really enjoy the game, you'll still love everything about it.

Derk and Chris were over last night, and we rented Mirror Mask. The link should should give you more than enough info about it, but it's essentially the next Labyrinth. Enjoyable movie, but when you compare it to Labyrinth, it just doesn't seem to have the same "fun" behind it. A little more serious, and a lot more... british? If I had any complaints, some of the CG used a lot of repetition (backgrounds and characters) and almost looks a little like... the cg from games back in the early 90s. Bad Mojo and Myst come to mind. Also, many characters seem to "mirror" (pun intended) characters directly from Labyninth. You'll see a "Hoggle" and a "Goblin Prince", minus the musical numbers. The visuals and styles in the movie make it worth seeing though, so even being overly picky I enjoyed it a lot.

Oh, I also got a copy of Romance of the Three Kingdoms and have been watching Chris play out a totally fictional history of China. The game is fantastically deep, and really enjoyable to watch, especially the duels. I think it's something Moik may enjoy... if it had spaceships and stuff.

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First of all:
Congratulations Mandy on your engagement!
I couldn't be prouder :)

And now to summarize everything from the last time I posted... which basically amounts to that I don't think I'm going to last through the work week. Sheesh! Can't wait to be home, if even only for a few days.

Seriously though, that's it :\ I'm going to go play some Gameboy Advance now, and maybe watch some Fullmetal Alchemist later. Where's the new Eureka Seven?

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