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Cedric gave me a call today. He got a dog and wanted to arrange a meet and greet with the Budster, and about an hour later we experienced a flurry of dog sniff and slobber. It's a super nice warm day out today and both dogs were hyped for the walk. Buddy is some kind of bi-polar, it's the only way to explain this behavior.

In about an hour I'm heading to Halifax for the weekend with Justin and Andrew. It's their cousins bday and I've been invited to come along and celebrate. And gamble? I have a feeling that it could be involved. Should I risk trying to make up for a month of not working? Maybe not... If anything I'll make an effort to meet up with Kyle and John while I'm there.

What time is?... Adventure Time!

face Sundrenched and chilling
note.gif Boys Night Out - Swift and Unforgiving
Got back from Nova Scotia today and it turned out to be a fun trip. Upon arriving myself and Andrew promptly got our "donair" on at a local pizza place after Matthew got home from work. To explain the trip, the idea was for myself, Andrew, Justin and his girlfriend Angie were to head over to Dartmouth to celebrate Justin and Andrews cousin Matthews birthday.

Saturday we roamed the malls and downtown Halifax. I managed to buy nothing but a super powered bouncy-ball which I haven't really tested out yet. Lucky for us it was also a super warm day.

Following this we headed back home to drink a bit with Matthew, his girlfriend and another friend of his before heading downtown. We hit up "Bubbles Mansion" first, which is aptly named because it's Bubbles' club, from the show The Trailer Park Boys. He even made a few amusing appearances between the live acts, which was very cool. After this it was Subway, then off to the Casino where I would end up leaving with exactly the same amount of money I began with. Not bad?

Slept in most of Sunday after staying out 'til 4 am, had some nice chinese buffet and then headed home. On the way we stopped in at a relatives of Angies, and I got beat up by a little kid. Pretty great weekend if you ask me.

face Gettin' tired.
note.gif Silence.
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